Freedom of Information (FOI)

Freedom of Information (FOI)

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The Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 (FOISA) requires that all housing associations in Scotland produce and maintain a publication scheme detailing all of the key information we publish and how you can access it. We have adopted the Scottish Information Commissioner’s (SIC) Model Publication Scheme (MPS), and our approach has been approved by the SIC.

Accessing information

All of the information listed in our publication scheme is available on our website (unless otherwise stated), where it can be accessed free of charge. It can also be viewed at our office (where convenient), however, if a printed copy is required a small fee may be charged. This fee will cover the cost of photocopying and postage and will not exceed £10 – we will also confirm the total cost before forwarding this information to you.

If you would like to request information that we publish in another format or arrange a visit to our office to view this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Information that we cannot publish

Whilst we will try to make all of the information we have detailed available, there may occasionally be instances where this is not possible. For example, the minutes of certain meetings may include personal details which, if published, would breach Data Protection legislation. When this is the case, we will remove any personal details before publication and highlight where and why we have done so.

Available information

We aim, where possible, to publish information for at least the current and previous two financial years. When we review any document – e.g. our policies – we will only publish the current/updated version, to avoid confusion.

Copyright and re-use

Where we hold the copyright on our published information, the information may be copied or reproduced without formal permission, provided that:

  • It is copied accurately
  • It is not used in a misleading context
  • The source of the material is identified

Contact us

If you have a query about anything contained within this page, or if you cannot find some information you would like to access, please contact:

Fife Housing Group
7 Pitreavie Court, Pitreavie Business Park,
Dunfermline, Fife, KY11 8UU

08000 274 007

Guide to information – the information that we make available to you

The information we provide must be listed under certain ‘classes’ of information, however, as FOI applies to other bodies and sectors across Scotland – such as the Scottish Government and Councils – not all of these apply to us. Details of all the information we hold under each of the classes that apply to our organisation, and hyperlinks to access this information when available online, are outlined below.

Class 1 – About us

Class 2 – How we deliver our functions and services

Class 3 – How we make decisions

Class 4 – What we spend and how we spend it

Class 5 – How we manage our resources

Class 6 – How we procure goods and services from external providers

Class 7 – How we are performing

Class 8 – Our commercial publications

This class does not apply to Fife Housing Group

Class 9 – Our open data

This class does not apply to Fife Housing Group

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