Our vision and values

Our vision and values

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Our vision

Our vision, ‘Your home… our priority’, reflects our commitment to building an excellent business for the benefit of our tenants, communities and colleagues.

Our team play a big part in helping tenants feel at home in the properties they rent. From Board members to colleagues who provide a service on the frontline, everyone has their part to play in fulfilling our shared purpose by embracing our culture and living our values.

Our values

AccountableFirm but fairOpen and honestVersatile
Take personal responsibilityTreat everyone fairly Be transparent in all that we do Be flexible and creative in our approach
We will: We will: We will: We will:
Own our work and see everything through to the end Uphold policies and procedures Know our boundaries Cross boundaries to link services
Not ignore something just because we don’t think it’s our responsibility to deal with it Offer constructive/ considerateUnderstand that some decisions are
business sensitive and cannot be
Be open to change and happy to question anything
Publicly support the Group Be consistent in our decision making Share good practice Try our hand at anything
Think about the knock on effect of our actions Get our facts right first Challenge negative or bad behaviour Think outside the box
Engage effectively with others
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