Our Service Charter

Our Service Charter

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Our vision of ‘Your home... our priority’ shapes the way we manage our business. We continue to look for value for money in all that we do and to continually improve our service to customers.

Providing excellent service

  • We will do our best to deal with your enquiry at the first point of contact however you choose to contact us
  • We will be accountable to you by taking personal responsibility for dealing with your enquiries
  • If we can’t deal with your enquiry, we will explain the reason we are unable to do so
  • We will provide a welcome reception to you when you visit our office

Our behaviour and communication

  • We will listen to our tenants and other customers
  • We will be friendly and polite
  • We will treat all of our tenants and customers fairly
  • If we visit you at home, we will wear identification for your safety and security
  • We will provide documentation in alternative formats and arrange for an interpreter, if required


  • We will protect your personal privacy by providing a private room, if required, to discuss sensitive information with you
  • We will securely store your personal information and most of our files will be stored electronically within a secure filing system
  • Where we do have paper documents, these will be stored securely when not in use

What we expect from our tenants and other customers

  • To treat our colleagues with courtesy and respect
  • To provide us with feedback - whether it be positive or negative
  • To respond to text messages, email, letters and phone calls as appropriate
  • To provide access to properties as necessary


We aim to provide excellent customer service and welcome comments from you, particularly when things go wrong so that we can continually improve the service we provide. We aim to resolve any complaints received within five working days.

Contact standards

  • Phone - We aim to answer your call within six rings
  • Appointment - We aim to see you at your appointment time
  • Online/social media/letter - We aim to acknowledge all written correspondence within three working days, advising of expected timescales for further communication as necessary

When you report a repair, we will:

  • Aim to diagnose the repair correctly so that we send out the correct trade and complete the repair at the first visit
  • Attend to emergency repairs within four hours
  • Arrange a morning or afternoon appointment which suits you
  • Send a text to confirm the appointment
  • Aim to measure customer satisfaction on all repairs carried out

When we carry out planned works, we will:

  • Write to you to confirm what work will be carried out in your home and an expected start date
  • Within four weeks of the start date, write to you to give details of work, contact details of contract supervisor and what you should expect to happen during the work
  • Inspect the work when it is completed and measure your satisfaction with the work and the service

When considering how we can involve our tenants and other customers in delivering and developing our services, we will:

  • Hold community events in a variety of locations
  • Produce a calendar of estate inspections, highlighting when these events take place
  • Work with Resident VOICES to identify service improvements in areas that matter to our tenants and other residents
  • Support members of Resident VOICES, to effectively scrutinise our services by providing a training programme
  • Support the development of Residents’ Associations
  • Work with our partners to improve community engagement
  • Hold scheme meetings with factored owners
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