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Factoring services

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Factoring services

Fife Housing Group also offer property factoring services, managing the common areas within developments for 150 properties throughout Fife, in line with the Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011 and associated Code of Conduct for Property Factors.

Working on behalf of the property owners, we arrange all necessary maintenance and repairs, encouraging everyone within the development to work together to ensure that these properties and the surrounding areas remain in excellent condition.

The factoring services we provide include:

  • Instructing repairs to common parts of the block and development
  • Providing emergency out of hour contact for common repairs
  • Arranging stair lighting and landscaping services
  • Managing the cleaning of internal and external common areas
  • Carrying out block inspections
  • Arranging communal block insurance

If you have a factoring issue or would like to speak to someone about the services we offer, please contact us on freephone 08000 274 007 or via factoring@fifehg.org.uk

Property Factor Registration No. PF000142

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