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Exchanging homes

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It is possible for our tenants to exchange their home with another one of our tenants or the tenant of another association, council, housing company or housing trust. This avoids you having to find a home through the Fife Housing Register.

How can I find someone to transfer with?

  • You can register your property with Fife Housing Register’s online mutual exchange service, HomeSwap
  • You can advertise in a local paper, local shop or through internet sites like Homeswapper and Gumtree

What do I do when I find someone to exchange with?

  • Get in touch with them and make arrangements to visit each others’ homes
  • Inspect their home carefully and make sure you are happy with the condition and state of decoration. We will not be responsible for any decoration needed or repairs which are the tenant’s responsibility
  • If you want to go ahead and exchange, you must both complete a mutual exchange application form. You can do this online or contact us to request a paper copy of the form

What happens next?

When we receive the completed form we will:

  • Inspect both homes to make sure they are in good condition
  • Check the size of the properties to make sure no overcrowding will occur if you do exchange
  • Check both tenants have no outstanding rent payments. We will check this with the other landlord if your exchange is with another housing provider. We will also provide this landlord with information about your tenancy

How long before I get an answer?

  • We have 28 day to give you an answer but will aim to get in touch with you within 10 working days
  • If we agree to the exchange, you and the other tenant will be advised in writing and will be asked to sign new Tenancy Agreements for your new homes. You must not move in before you have done this.


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