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Universal Credit update

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Universal Credit update

11 April 2018

It’s now been a few months since full-service Universal Credit went live in Fife.

If you have already made a claim, please make sure you keep your journal up to date to ensure your claim is processed quickly, using the correct information.

As everything is now processed digitally, if the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) require any information from you they will request this via your online journal so it is really important that you check this regularly.

If you have not already done so, please ensure that you provide DWP with details of your new rent charge from 1 April 2018. Failure to do this will mean that your Housing Cost payments may not meet your rent charge and you will be responsible for paying any difference.

Fife Council has produced a guide which explains the whole Universal Credit process, including how to apply, how long you will wait to receive your first claim, and what support is available (particularly for those in financial difficulty). A copy of ‘Your Guide to Universal Credit’ can be found on the publications section of their website or you can request a paper copy by calling them on 03451 55 11 55. Additional guides, ‘Keeping your Full Benefit Payment’ and ‘Changes to Benefit Caps’, are also available.

Fife’s Digital Directory details where free internet access is available if you need to get online and work coaches, based within Job Centres, can also assist with your claim. Alternatively, you can call them on 0345 600 4272 or drop into any of Fife’s Community Job Clubs.

We understand that there may be difficulties as you make your initial claim and wait for your first payment, however, support is available. For advice on managing money, looking for work and accessing help, please talk to your housing officer or contact Citizens Advice and Rights Fife (CARF) directly on 0345 1400 095 or via their website.

Further help, guidance and information can also be found at gov.uk/universal-credit

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