Say hello to our new Housing Officers

Say hello to our new Housing Officers

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Say hello to our new Housing Officers

11 October 2016

As part of our restructure, and the commitment it represented to improving the frontline services we provide, we took a decision to redeploy back office resources, creating the capacity for additional Housing Officers and subsequently allowing us to reduce the number of properties managed by each.

This change will make our Housing Officers more accessible to the people in their communities, allowing them to spend more time building relationships with tenants, engaging with residents and developing a more in-depth understanding of both individual and area specific needs which, in turn, puts us in a better position to meet these.

All of this means that some of our tenants might find themselves with a new Housing Officer so we thought it would be worthwhile including a quick breakdown of who you can expect to see where:

Housing Officer Areas
Angie Munton

Angie has worked with us for 25 years and been Housing Officer for the West Fife Villages since 2012.
High Valleyfield
Audrey Cameron

Audrey is an experienced member of the Fife Housing Group team who was recently permanently appointed to the position of Housing Officer and has added some of our Rosyth properties to those she managed during her previous 12 month secondment from Housing Support.
Hill of Beath
Rosyth (Burnside Place, Burnside Street, Holborn Place, Lowry Place, Middlebank Street, Parkgate, Park Road, Pinkerton Place, Woodside Street, Woodside Avenue)
Gavin Waddell

Gavin has recently joined us from a similar role with Falkirk Council, having worked as a Housing Officer there for five years. Prior to that he spent several years working with homeless families in Perth and Kinross.
East Wemyss
Rosyth (Admiralty Road, Backmarch Road, Castlandhill Road Houses, Queensferry Road)
\Greg Turner

Greg has worked with us for nine years and covered the Levenmouth area from January 2013. He retains some of the villages in this area and adds a few new properties in Rosyth as well.
Rosyth (Aberlour Street, Albert Street, Backmarch Crescent, Burney Place, Findlay Crescent, Findlay Street, Hamilton Place, Kings Crescent, Kings Place, Norval Place)
Karen Gilruth

Karen is another of our very experienced colleagues, having worked within the Housing team for over 26 years, and was recently appointed to the position of Housing Officer from her previous role as a Senior Housing Support Officer.
Dalgety Bay
Kirkcaldy (Almond Place, Cameron Drive, Cedar Avenue, Church Street, Cleish Gardens, Dunearn Drive, Fitzroy Square, Fitzroy Street, High Street, Lismore Avenue, Roomlin Gardens, St Brycedale Court, The Fairway, West March Street)
PACT properties
Lynn Mather

Lynn has worked for us since 2001 and been a Housing Officer in Rosyth since January 2013; she now adds some properties from Kirkcaldy to the reduced number of Rosyth streets on her roster.
Kirkcaldy (Benarty Street, Cairnwell Place, Carnethy Crescent, Cheviot Road, Fair Isle Road, Glen Isla Road, Glen Lyon Road, Glen More Gardens, Glendale Park, Linton Lane, Lomond Gardens, Morven Grove, Pentland Place, Redcraigs, Sidlaw Street, Valley Gardens, Valley Gardens South)

Rosyth (Craig Street, Crossroads Place, Fairykirk Road, Harley Street, Hillwood Terrace, Newton Crescent, Newton Place, Parkside Street, Parkside Square, Selvage Place, Selvage Street)
Stephanie McCulloch

Stephanie has worked with us since 1999 and been a Housing Officer in Dunfermline since January 2013. She now shares her responsibilities in Dunfermline with new recruit William and adds the Primrose area of Rosyth to her portfolio.
Dunfermline (Allan Crescent, Calaisburn Place, Corbett Place, Drum Road, Duncan Crescent, Dunn Crescent, Fernie Place, Husband Place, Inchkeith Drive, Islay Road, Kinnis Court, Mathieson Place, Meadow Place, Meldrum Court, Norton Place, Russell Court, Shields Road, Standingstone Walk, Thane Place, Trondheim Place, Tweed Street, Walls Place, Woodmill Crescent, Woodmill Road)

Rosyth (Primrose Area – Booth Avenue, Brankholm Brae, Brankholm Crescent, Caledonia Court, Carson Place, Daniel Place, Forker Avenue, Gillway, Primrose Avenue, Primrose Court, Primrose Lane, Syme Place, Webster Place, Whinnyburn Place)
William Earnshaw

William has recently joined us from the Citizen’s Advice Bureau where he was responsible for debt-management issues and prior to that he was employed by Fife Council as a Housing Officer.
Dunfermline (Almond Road, Devon Terrace, Don Road, Eden Road, Inchgarvie Crescent, Izatt Avenue, Johnston Crescent, Keir Hardie Terrace, Leishman Drive, Linburn Road, Lomond Crescent, McClelland Crescent, Nith Street, Ochil Terrace, Osprey Court, Pentland Terrace, Tay Terrace, Trondheim Parkway, Wedderburn Crescent, Wheatear Court, Whitelaw Road)

Rosyth (Alexander Place, Boyle Drive, Castlandhill Road Flats, Cromwell Road, Kings Road, Leslie Road)
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