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Lumphinnans litter pick

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Lumphinnans litter pick

9 February 2017

When Housing Officer for the Lumphinnans area, Audrey Cameron, attended the local Community Council meeting last Wednesday, she wasn’t expecting to help resolve a situation that has been causing consternation for a number of years now.

A tenant, who was also in attendance at the meeting, happened to mention that Fife Council were looking for areas for the Community Payback – Unpaid Work Scheme to clean-up.

Audrey immediately thought of the disused garage site at the end of Ochilview and contacted the Council the following morning to see if it would be possible to arrange a litter pick at this location.

The clean-up was agreed the same afternoon and the team attended that Sunday to undertake what turned out to be a big job, with 65 bags of rubbish plus car parts, wood and larger items, amounting to two full vehicle loads, lifted to impressive effect – as illustrated by the before and after photos.

We would like to thank the Criminal Justice Services – Community Payback Unpaid Work Scheme for their efforts and are hopeful that both residents and visitors will appreciate the improvement this has made to the area, keeping it free of rubbish going forward.

We are also currently exploring the possibility of donating additional litter pickers to Community Payback Unpaid Work Scheme, as a thank you for their assistance in dealing with this situation and to help facilitate other great projects like this in the future.

Before and after the clean-up!

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