Giving Something Back Grants 2023 - pitches, prizes, pizza and the Provost

Giving Something Back Grants 2023 - pitches, prizes, pizza and the Provost

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Giving Something Back Grants 2023 - pitches, prizes, pizza and the Provost

7 September 2023

The Giving Something Back Grants were back this year and in the summer, we held a fun-filled community event to celebrate the recipients of the £20,000 worth of funds.

This was the third year for the Giving Something Back Grants, which were set up to recognise and support the incredible organisations making a difference across Fife. They are made possible by the generosity of our contractors who join our charitable framework, donating 2% of their invoiced costs to benefit good causes.

Successful Giving Something Back Grant applicants were invited to the event, aptly named ‘Pitches, Prizes and Pizza’, to ‘pitch’ their project to local residents and a panel of judges who determined the amount of funding they would receive.

Amongst the guests were Sandra Stock, Chair of Fife Housing Group’s Board, Cllr. Cara Hilton, Scottish Labour and Co-operative Cllr for Dunfermline South, and Provost of Fife, Cllr. Jim Leishman MBE.

‘It was a fantastic event and a real honour to hear from some of the local charities and organisations making a difference to the people of Fife. From people living with lung conditions and blindness to school children being taught coding to break down the barriers to higher education, there is such a range of impressive projects happening all across the region.’

- Provost Jim Leishman

Following the pitches, we were delighted to be able to award nine community organisations with funding. The well-deserved recipients were:

  • Raith Rovers Community Foundation - £4,020
  • Cariad Pet Therapy - £1,600
  • Seescape (Fife Society for the Blind) - £1,500
  • Kennoway Star Hearts girls football team - £1,500
  • BreatheEasy Fife - £1,500
  • Aberlour Children’s Charity - £5,000
  • Beanstalk Family Nurture Centre - £2,000
  • The Kings Theatre Kirkcaldy - £2,000
  • West Fife Woodlands Group - £1,500

Other highlights of the evening included delicious pizzas and bagpipe music provided by Piping Hot Pizza, outdoor games for the kids and a game of bingo. The event was held at the Fire Station Creative in Dunfermline.

‘This was a fantastic event and the pitches were a brilliant way to hear from these groups in person, providing a fun and informative opportunity for them to showcase the inspiring work that they do in our communities. This format complimented the ethos of our Giving Something Back Grants and we look forward to building on their success again next year.

– Sandra Stock, Chair

Check out the highlights for yourself here:

The next round of Giving Something Back Grants is expected to launch in Spring 2024, so if you are involved in a group that could do even more with a little extra investment, please look out for their launch. More information will be available on Fife Housing Group’s website and social media channels closer to the time.

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