At home with Fife Housing Group – 22 July 2020

At home with Fife Housing Group – 22 July 2020

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At home with Fife Housing Group – 22 July 2020

22 July 2020

Welcome to our latest round-up of information and advice which you may find useful during the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

Although our office is still closed to the public, we remain fully contactable on 08000 274 007 and via Please also note that our text number changed to 07520 632 740 on Monday 6 April.

As lockdown restrictions start to ease, we are beginning to reintroduce previously suspended services – you can find more details regarding this here – however, we are not yet at back at full capacity and continue to appreciate your support and patience as we work towards a new normal.

Phone service – Friday 24 July

Please note that our phones will be diverting to our out-of-hours service on Friday morning to allow us to schedule repairs which have been reported since the relaxation of lockdown restrictions and to continue the process of matching properties.

You can continue to contact us by email during this time and emergencies will be dealt with as normal but, if possible, please wait until after 1pm to call.

As things start to return to something more like normal, we’re getting ready to bring back our tenant newsletter, but, thought this might be a good opportunity to consider doing things a little differently.

Obviously, we’ve been communicating with you online a lot more during lockdown, as this has been a quicker, more convenient and cost-effective way to keep in touch with the majority of tenants, however, we also understand that some people do not have access to the internet or simply prefer to receive paper copies.

We’re really keen to strike a balance between these two options so we’re asking all of our tenants with email addresses to complete a quick survey and let us know whether you would like to keep receiving newsletter content direct to your inbox or if you would rather continue having a paper copy delivered to your door.

Please do let us know your thoughts – it shouldn’t take more than two minutes to complete the survey.

Garden Competition 2020  

The standard of entries for this year’s Garden Competition, established to reward Fife Housing Group tenants who take pride in the presentation of their outdoor spaces and to recognise the positive impact these attractive garden areas have on the wider community, has been as impressive as ever, with lots of fantastic outdoor spaces on display – you can check out the full gallery on our Facebook page.

Cameron Drive, DysartTrondheim Parkway, Dunfermline Oakvale Road, Methil

Judging is now underway so look out for the results in our next update!

Is there somebody you would like to thank for their help in the recent crisis?

Keep an eye out for our Covid Community Champion Awards which will be launching soon, offering you the chance to say ‘thank you’ by giving those who have really helped out during the pandemic the recognition they deserve, as well as the chance to win a fabulous prize!

Our last update, containing information on the scheduling of routine repairs and a link to the open letter from Kevin Stewart, Minister for local Government, Housing and Planning, can be found here.

You can also check out a list of frequently asked questions regarding the impact of Coronavirus here.

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